8 Easy TikTok Recipes to Take You Around the World

  • 8 Easy TikTok Recipes to Take You Around the World

    Be transported to parts unknown in under a minute.

    There have been a plethora of things that have helped us through quarantine (puzzles, binge-watching, binge eating), but none has had quite the impact as TikTok. This app has had us feeling like backup dancers, baristas, and—with the help of the more cooking-inclined—culinary experts. In a time when we are physically separated, TikTok has united us through dance challenges and food. Taking us around the world, TikTok users have shown us how to make our favorite recipes at home. For those wanting to learn how to make authentic pasta or looking for an easy fried rice recipe, we’ve found the best (and easiest) culinary tutorials to take your meal to the next level.

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  • Pasta From Scratch

    If you’re wanting to recreate your favorite Italian meal, Chef Ryan Peters has created an easy-to-follow and incredibly relaxing homemade pasta tutorial. He takes you from the pile of flour and eggs to the mix and ready-to-make pasta dough. And if after the pasta you’re wanting some more Italian inspiration, his account offers some other great recipes and recommendations.


  • Birria Tacos

    For those wanting a taste of the tacos they had while vacationing in Mexico that they just can’t seem to shake (because, yes, they were that good), this tutorial might be the thing that holds you over until your next trip south. TikTok user Anna Paul walks us through this Birria taco recipe, which involves a little more work than browning ground beef and shredding some lettuce and cheese (though luckily it tastes much better). While this recipe might call for some more steps than you may be accustomed to, it’ll be well worth it once you’ve got your quesataco ready for dipping in the mouth-watering beef stew.

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  • Chicken Gyros

    While you might not have been able to go on the Greek vacation you had planned, you can feast like you didn’t have to rebook. Chef Shereen has found her spot in the cooking world, and it’s on TikTok, teaching you how to make your favorite recipes in under a minute. These grilled chicken gyros are flavorful and the homemade tzatziki zesty. It’s the perfect meal for making the dreaded winter feel a little sunnier (though outside your windows might say otherwise).


  • Shrimp Fried Rice

    For a taste of Korea, look no further than this shrimp fried rice recipe. Chef Chris Cho is a master of both cooking and this social media platform, bringing his culinary skills to you with these minute-long—yet somehow in-depth—cooking tutorials. Chef Cho makes this fried rice look easy, with just a few ingredients packing serious flavor. And if you’re wanting a few more dishes to round out your meal, his page offers some seriously delicious Korean recipes—everything from how to make your own kimchi pancake to oi muchim .

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  • Tom Yum Soup

    This dish is a Thai favorite–spicy, sour, and cozy, Tom Yum soup checks nearly every box. For those who had the best Tom Yum while overseas, or whose favorite Thai restaurant is overwhelmed with to-go orders, TikTok user Tiffy Cooks has the easy-to-follow recipe for you. Walking you through each ingredient and step, Tiffy helps you create this dish at home and in a snap. (She’s also got more delicious recipes and step-by-step guides on her page.)


  • Beef Stew

    There’s nothing better to cozy up a winter night than Ireland’s famous beef stew. It’s a warm and hearty dish that can make any kitchen feel like home. One chef on TikTok takes us through their easy-to-follow and (get excited for this) cheap rendition of the classic. It’s still as flavorful and filling, but it’ll just cost you a little less. While you might not be finishing a bowl of this with a beer at your favorite pub, you can surely bask in the nostalgia of the dish (and start booking your next trip to the Emerald Isle).


  • Pé de Moleque

    Some of the best dishes abroad are those that come after the main course, the sweet treats that turn a good meal into a great meal. The pé de moleque is a Brazilian treat made of everything we love: sugar, butter, and peanuts. It’s the perfect combination of salty and sweet and will take you right back to your evenings in Rio eating a little sweet snack before taking on the famous night-life.


  • Fufu

    If you’re looking for a dish that will take you from your kitchen to West Africa, fufu is the way to go. This dish is said to have originated in Ghana but has become a popular staple throughout the West African region. User Mundoba takes us through the process of creating this starchy side perfect for accompanying, per the chef’s recommendation, okra soup!

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