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Gold Key Travels, LLC is a full-service travel agency with it's focus on First Time Cruisers.

Many clients think they will never take a cruise due to the fear of water, or fear of boredom. Many even mistakenly believe that cruises are just for old people  or that it's too expensive. Rest assured there is a cruise for everyone and if you have never cruised, you owe it to yourself to just do it!

If you prefer to travel to a specific destination, I can accommodate that as well.  With over 15 years of travel expertise and cultivated industry connections in the, I can coordinate your trip of a lifetime!

So whether your interest is in a family vacation, some couple romance or a self get-away, Gold Key Travels is more than qualified to assist.

No question is a bad one. Please don't hesitate to ask or request whatever you need to ensure your comfort. Your comfort is of the utmost importance to me.

No accommodation is too small. Even if you only need to book a hotel because you’re heading to your family reunion in Petoskey, and you refuse to sleep in your Great Aunt Tallulah’s guest room because it smells like mothballs, we can coordinate the best provisions just for you!

Go ahead and poke around the site then contact us!

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